Thursday, December 9, 2010

The Three Goats

Every time I think about going home for the Holidays to Mooresville, NC I cannot think of any reason I will enjoy it. I did not grow there and I have never lived there, but each short visit I have made down to my family's new home hasn't been as awful as I expected. Today I was thinking about reasons Mooresville might be a pleasant change from life in Washington, DC, and I came up with one really good answer to my question: The Three Goats, a local coffee shop next to the Harris Teeter where my mother shops for some of her groceries (the rest she picks up from a local farm, which I've been meaning to get the name of).

The Three Goats cafe is a pleasant surprise in a town home to NASCAR. I just never would have guessed that fine espresso or the coffee shop scene would be able to mix so well into the race car fanatic, Mooresville area. The Three Goats is a great place to enjoy local artists' work, up for sale, and on Friday nights, live performances.

Here's a snapshot from my old phone (RIP) of a piece of art I just couldn't stop myself from staring at last time I visited.

If you ever find yourself in Mooresville, NC, make sure to check this place out for a nice Agave Latte (sweetened with agave nectar) or a nice European Breakfast (a double shot of espresso and a croissant, although as my fiance likes to say, a European Breakfast is a double shot of espresso and a cigaret. To each his own, hey?).


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