Sunday, December 14, 2008

Final Project: Photo Narrative

In my final project I did a photo narrative, inspired by two of Vermeer's paintings which I recreated through photography and photoshop adjustments and a few manipulations.

URLs to both paintings are posted below:

The Letter


Lady and Gentleman at the Virginals

Photo Narrative:

Image 1

final #1 with red scarf

Image 2

Final #2

Image 3

final #4

Image 4

Final real #4

Image 5

final #5 black filter

Image 6

final #6

Image 7

final #7


Image 1: This was the recreation of Vermeer's "The Letter" which functions as a catalyst for the narrative. Vermeer uses a lot of light and since the dorms and weather have both failed to give me a good natural light, I had to recreate most of it on the computer. However, I did try to add lighting to their faces by using a flashlight. In the male's face it turned out to be a bit extreme. On the computer I added a small adjustment of light, which is directed from the part of the room with the characters that the viewer cannot see. This is similar to how the lighting is in the painting and helps to recreate the contrast between the room where the viewer is and where the characters are interacting. I also used color balance to add more reds and yellows to the photograph because before there was too much green and blue, unlike in the painting where yellow dominates the scene. There was also a color balance done on the man's scarf in order to change its color to red. I did this because it makes more sense in the story if he receives the letter on a different day than when the woman arrives. The only way I could go back and change the character's appearance was through changing the color of his clothing.

Image 2: This photo needed minimal adjustments. I decided to leave all of my photos in the narrative in color because Vermeer's paintings, which I used two of, use a large amount of bright colors and light. I thought the feeling of the narrative would be strange if the two were the only ones with very bright coloring. Again, the dorms offered a strange lighting to my photograph that needed to be changed. I used color balance to add more yellow and a bit a red, in order to soften up the florescent white the walls had prior to the adjustment.

Image 3: I used color balance to add more yellow to the photograph. Then I selected the bottom area of the sheet, which was pink and had a brand name on it (which was not fitting to the fact that it was a male's room/house). I used curves to make a high contrast white, which I hoped would look similar enough to the comforter to blend in, and although not perfect it did make the image more believable.

Image 4: In this photograph I added warmth by using the color balance to enhance the reds and yellows that often add warmth to Vermeer's paintings.

Image 5: This photo is the recreation of Vermeer's "Lady and Gentleman at the Virginals" which served to further the plot between the two characters that are brought together by their musical talents. This photograph was very difficult to recreate and suffered a large amount of manipulations I am not sure helped the feel, but may have hurt it. I had to impose a mirror with the woman characters face in it, in order to recreate the main part of Vermeer's painting where the girl's face is looking at the male without her head being turned. This was very difficult for me to do and ended up looking slighting strange in the finished photograph. There is also a large amount of light in the painting since there is a window in which the sun is shining through. I had to use a lighting effect filter to add lighting to this photo, but I feel it was over exaggerated, and tried to minimize it's obtrusiveness without eliminating the light by adding a layer of black with the opacity of about 20. Under all of this the original image also had a reddish brown and a yellow filter added at around the opacity of 15 to change the over all color of the image.

Image 6: I used color balance in this photo as well to add warmth. The weather wasn't giving any warm colors from the sun because it happened to rain the day I did my photo shoot. Reds and yellows were enhanced.

Image 7: This photo ended up having a very high amount of reds in it. I felt it needed to be more neutralized and so I used color balance to reduce the reds, adding cyan and yellows.

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