Monday, November 3, 2008

Photo Narrative

The Day There was Only One Cherry Garcia Left

(In order from bottom to top of post.)

Response to Assignment:
This narrative intends to show a struggle between two people for the last Cherry Garcia ice cream. The ice cream is a symbol for their stress. With it, it goes away; without it, it doesn't go away. They are desperate for it. I tried to make the ice cream the brightest part of most of the photos. Sometimes I saturated the winning party or desaturated the loosing party. I struggled with the third image in my narrative and was unfortunately unable to retake it. The flash on the freezer door should never have happened, because I should have known while composing the photo that it would be reflected in the glass. I think my first two images have a Triad color scheme on the Cherry Garcia ice cream. I think having the rest of the image desaturated makes the ice cream stand out and represents the necessity of it over the other choices. It is after all representing something similar to an addiction to smoking. As a photographer I wanted to address the silent argument between the two people. I had a hard time getting my models not to smile. Though I like how in my final image of the narrative that the woman's facial expression shows her realization of how embarrassing the whole fight is and yet how much she still wants the ice cream. Here I had to choose between a final photo that showed both the two people's faces or only the woman's. I like the ambiguity of not knowing how the man feels. Since he was never the protagonist of the narrative, we never see a clear cut photograph of his face. I wanted the focus to be on the thought process of the girl. Maybe in that case I should never have shown the man's face at all?

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