Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Design Through Photo pt. 3 - The Design


To create this design I took three different images of the teddy bear and used them multiple times to denote the stages of falling. At first the bear is falling face down but turns to its back and then bends it's body as if desperate to find a way to stop the fall. I then had to change the color of the background from orange to orange-yellow by adjusting the color balance to add more yellow. Then I adjusted the bear's color by changing the cyan and blue and green aspects of the color balance to eliminate some of the red. This created a Split color scheme between blue-violet and yellow-orange. I chose the background pattern of this design because it could be connoted, from the fact that it is snake skin and the stuffed animal is a bear, perhaps the idea that even though (live) bears are dangerous and large in comparison to other animals, a snake's bite could still lead to a bear's downfall (although I do realize it is also ironic in the fact that teddy bears do not denote danger or largeness, but rather small and cuddliness). This composition is supposed to denote dominance and movement. Dominance is seen in the way that the bear is larger at the first stages of falling and becomes progressively tinier as it falls, denoting movement at the same time.


To create this design I used a complimentary color scheme of blue and orange. This composition denotes asymmetry in some areas, dominance between the large A and the multitude of other sized As, and rhythm in the fact that the idea of that spiral patter of movement is repeated. The two main designs I was going for in this composition were Asymmetry and Rhythm. I used an A and the snake skin because for me the A represents myself (Alex) and the snake skin represents how I am around people. A lot of times I am cold to the touch and it takes a while people to warm up to and visa versa. Snake skin is cold and connotes that, if the A represents me, my personality. I also tend to frighten people by being intense and I think snakes frighten people as well, before you've gotten to understand them. The fact that there is some dominance also seen in this composition also connotes that I like to dominate situations and leading other people to sometimes have to make me feel badly so I become a small A again, and a new person can dominate, or take control.

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