Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Assignment 3: Background Library


(I don't know how to make this a link you can click on -- I understand how to do it... but when I set it up, it doesn't show up in the post.)

1. I like the texture of the ceiling because of how porous it looks.
2. Chose this one because the texture of this carpet is more interesting than normal carpet.
3. Although this carpet doesn't have much depth, it has several colors and reminds me of Autumn.
4. This is the inside of a jacket, but it got it blurred because the camera lense was too close.
5. Chose this because I like the design.
6. This had a nice texture, its busy but not contrasty enough to make you feel dizzy.
7. This had a busy pattern...and is very busy contrast wise.
8. Picked this because I love polaroids.
9. Liked the pattern.
10. Similar to the pattern above but this gives the depth of fabric.
11. Chose this because it sort of looks like sand when in reality its a blurry picture of a cork board.
12. I like the colors in this lamp shade.
13. Chose this because it gives the fabric depth as I positioned the camera downward as I look at my hamper.
14. Like the pattern of snake skin.
15. More bold pattern of snake skin, not as diverse as the one before.
16. This is a picture of a wall, it's a bad composition of the texture though because of the flash.
17. This is a picture of coffee, but it reminds me of fresh dirt.
18. This is a texture taken from a sweater.
19. This is the same texture as the one before in a different light.
20. This is patterned paper; thought the grid was nice.
21. This is a more desaturated picture capturing the texture of wood, without flash.
22. I liked the pleating of the fabric in this picture, but it's not perfect because it is blurry.
23. This is a blurry picture showing the pattern of plaid on a rain boot.
24. This captures the texture and depth of a towel.
25. A collection of everyday objects that can act as a background with tightly compacted into one space, similar to some examples Krause talked about.
26. This is a reflection off of tin.
27. This is a stack of bowls, up close and out of focus.
28. This is the texture of corduroy.
29. Similar to a texture at the beginning, but this one is more opaque, and from another object.
30. Woven texture.
31. I photographed this brick wall because I thought the chipping paint made a nice texture.
32. This is a weathered wooden door.
33. Wood chips.
34. Mossy bricks.
35. Stone wall.

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