Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Design Through Photo pt. 3 - The Design


To create this design I took three different images of the teddy bear and used them multiple times to denote the stages of falling. At first the bear is falling face down but turns to its back and then bends it's body as if desperate to find a way to stop the fall. I then had to change the color of the background from orange to orange-yellow by adjusting the color balance to add more yellow. Then I adjusted the bear's color by changing the cyan and blue and green aspects of the color balance to eliminate some of the red. This created a Split color scheme between blue-violet and yellow-orange. I chose the background pattern of this design because it could be connoted, from the fact that it is snake skin and the stuffed animal is a bear, perhaps the idea that even though (live) bears are dangerous and large in comparison to other animals, a snake's bite could still lead to a bear's downfall (although I do realize it is also ironic in the fact that teddy bears do not denote danger or largeness, but rather small and cuddliness). This composition is supposed to denote dominance and movement. Dominance is seen in the way that the bear is larger at the first stages of falling and becomes progressively tinier as it falls, denoting movement at the same time.


To create this design I used a complimentary color scheme of blue and orange. This composition denotes asymmetry in some areas, dominance between the large A and the multitude of other sized As, and rhythm in the fact that the idea of that spiral patter of movement is repeated. The two main designs I was going for in this composition were Asymmetry and Rhythm. I used an A and the snake skin because for me the A represents myself (Alex) and the snake skin represents how I am around people. A lot of times I am cold to the touch and it takes a while people to warm up to and visa versa. Snake skin is cold and connotes that, if the A represents me, my personality. I also tend to frighten people by being intense and I think snakes frighten people as well, before you've gotten to understand them. The fact that there is some dominance also seen in this composition also connotes that I like to dominate situations and leading other people to sometimes have to make me feel badly so I become a small A again, and a new person can dominate, or take control.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Assignment 3 pt. 2 The object

To be honest, photographing objects is strange and hard for me. I'm use to photographing people. So I tried to photograph objects with different lighting and from different angles but, knowing I would be assigned to manipulate a few of them to be placed on a different background, I must say I have neglected that aspect (background).

1. The Desk: Stacked Elements and Medium Close Up


I framed this cookie tin between a photograph and the internet wall plug. To light the cookie tin I shown a flash light at its lid and in the background had lighting from an open window shining into the room.


This same set up of the cookie tin was also photographed with only the natural light coming in through the window and I believe it is harder to tell that the cookie tin is the main focus, although this could be because it was taken from a slightly different angle than the other shot.

2. The Lecture Hall Chairs: Medium Long Shot


I framed the arm rest of the chairs between them and turned off my camera's flash. The overhead lights in the room lit up the arm rest but left the backs of the chairs dark. I like this shot because focuses on the row of arm rests instead of on the row of chairs as a normal shot of the chairs probably would.

3. Teddy Bear: Worm's Eye View


I left the blinds on the window open to let in light behind the stuffed animal and I think this adds to the dominence that is supposed to be felt by the worm's eye view framing in this shot. There is an added dominence also in the fact that the bear is starting to blur, which as something gets bigger and closer to our eye does not always stay in focus.

4. Teddy Bear: Bird's Eye View


I wish there had been more light shining on the front of this object, because it has turned out dark and almost like a silouette with the only light coming from the window behind. I like the position of the bear in this shot, as the bear seems to almost welcome the dominence of the camera over him, as if maybe he is waiting for a beloved child to pick him up.

Teddy Bear Extras

I simply like how the natural light fell on the bear in this photograph. I guess this would be a Long Shot since it shows the whole figure, although it is not taken a great distance away from the object.



I also like the lighting that was added to this shot by the natural sun coming from the window. The bear seems to be frammed by the book bags handle and a blue notebook.


I also experimented with the Extreme Long Shot as seen above. The bear was slightly out of focus as I pointed my camera toward the ground, showing the bear as something slightly too small and forgotten in a corner.


In a similar shot I used a beam of light that protrudes through two curtains behind me to try and frame the object and put a spot light on it. I then shot this same shot from a Bird's Eye View and received a harsh effect.


The I shot this photo below where the bear is not the focus of the light but the floor.


A similar shot gave the bear a shadow on one side because of a desk that was to the right as the light shone on the foreground.


This shot below was somewhat of a Medium Close Up from a Worm's Eye View. I like how the light is resting on his shoulder.


Overall I experimented more with how the natural light would hit the object than anything else. I wasn't sure how to reflect light or what to do it with. I know Krauss said to use colored, shiny papers, but I didn't know where to locate those from. The problem with the object I chose (the bear) for most of the shots was that is was hard to make it sit up straight, otherwise I probably would have taken it outside and experimented with the object in another setting.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Assignment 3: Background Library


(I don't know how to make this a link you can click on -- I understand how to do it... but when I set it up, it doesn't show up in the post.)

1. I like the texture of the ceiling because of how porous it looks.
2. Chose this one because the texture of this carpet is more interesting than normal carpet.
3. Although this carpet doesn't have much depth, it has several colors and reminds me of Autumn.
4. This is the inside of a jacket, but it got it blurred because the camera lense was too close.
5. Chose this because I like the design.
6. This had a nice texture, its busy but not contrasty enough to make you feel dizzy.
7. This had a busy pattern...and is very busy contrast wise.
8. Picked this because I love polaroids.
9. Liked the pattern.
10. Similar to the pattern above but this gives the depth of fabric.
11. Chose this because it sort of looks like sand when in reality its a blurry picture of a cork board.
12. I like the colors in this lamp shade.
13. Chose this because it gives the fabric depth as I positioned the camera downward as I look at my hamper.
14. Like the pattern of snake skin.
15. More bold pattern of snake skin, not as diverse as the one before.
16. This is a picture of a wall, it's a bad composition of the texture though because of the flash.
17. This is a picture of coffee, but it reminds me of fresh dirt.
18. This is a texture taken from a sweater.
19. This is the same texture as the one before in a different light.
20. This is patterned paper; thought the grid was nice.
21. This is a more desaturated picture capturing the texture of wood, without flash.
22. I liked the pleating of the fabric in this picture, but it's not perfect because it is blurry.
23. This is a blurry picture showing the pattern of plaid on a rain boot.
24. This captures the texture and depth of a towel.
25. A collection of everyday objects that can act as a background with tightly compacted into one space, similar to some examples Krause talked about.
26. This is a reflection off of tin.
27. This is a stack of bowls, up close and out of focus.
28. This is the texture of corduroy.
29. Similar to a texture at the beginning, but this one is more opaque, and from another object.
30. Woven texture.
31. I photographed this brick wall because I thought the chipping paint made a nice texture.
32. This is a weathered wooden door.
33. Wood chips.
34. Mossy bricks.
35. Stone wall.